Education Kit

Cotton Australia has two Education Kits available for students and teachers: the Cotton Education Kit (digital resource) and the Cotton Sampler Education Pack (physical resource that we can post upon request - to Australian locations only).

Whether it is ideas for incorporating cotton contexts in the classroom, great teaching resources, or information for a school project, all you need to know about cotton is right here.

Designed for teachers and high school students, this kit is linked to dynamic resources such as video, websites, research, case studies, lessons and units. It also has syllabus links, with more to come.

Teachers can also access a comprehensive photo gallery showcasing the cotton production process by clicking here.

Click here to download the Cotton Education Kit Curriculum Mapping Guide.

Cotton Sampler Education Pack

This sampler pack is available to teachers. It includes:

  • A seed planting kit
  • How to Grow a Pair of Jeans brochure
  • Pocket Guide to Cotton brochure
  • Cotton samples

For your free Cotton Sampler Education Pack, please fill out the contact form at this link, making sure to include a message requesting the kit and your correct mailing address (this is only available to Australian locations).